26 March 2012

How is it Possible We Need More Technology?

We need to get another laptop.  It seems ridiculous as we have one plus our smart phones plus the dinosaur desktop.  That seems like enough technology for one household.

It’s not easy to use the desktop anymore though.  It’s no longer connected with the internet and is too old to make it work anyway.  The office is far enough away from the living room that it feels like I’m exiling myself from Kevin if I work in here.

I even considered moving the desktop out into the living room somehow but I believe that would drive both of us insane.  The clutter for one, although it would be just a screen & keyboard because I would so hide the cpu.  Still, clutter all the same.

I use the Microsoft ergonomic keyboard.  I know, it makes everyone else insane to use but it works for my brain.  I can’t type on standard keyboards, I flash back to high school and suddenly all my typing looks like a Dr Seuss book.

The sound of the keyboard would make Kevin stabby for sure.  If roles were reversed, it would make me crazy as well so I can’t blame him. So that’s one more reason not to move this whole thing out there.

Also, one would think that after working on a computer all the live long day I wouldn’t want to sit in front of another one.  But gone are the days of playing on the Facebook and watching Grey’s Anatomy.  As it stands, I zip out blog posts on the fly and hope for the best.  Or worse: I do them while laying in bed on my phone.

I’ve even momentarily considered, irrationally, handwriting the blog, scanning it then posting it.  No one wants to see that.  At least not frequently.

So you see? We need another laptop.  Maybe I’ll go look at CraigsList.

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