30 March 2012

I Talk Funny

I write how I talk, although I try to omit the random curses and Canadian inflections. 

I regularly begin sentences with “So…” and use pauses. 

My punctuation is usually correct, due to grammar check but I am apt at randomly adding a comma where one isn’t necessary. 

Like I mentioned to far-away friend J, I also tend to use descriptive words in the wrong sequence.  “She said, randomly”  “It fell to the ground, softly.”  It’s very Shakespearean of me and makes me crazy. As it did my high school literature and composition teacher.

Often it is because my brain is going too quickly.  I have found if I stammer it is because two words are trying to get out at the same time and often if I force it, they will come out in the incorrect order.

Billy Connelly said something in a documentary a long time ago that struck a chord with me.  He described his brain as a jumble of thoughts and ideas, all struggling for space and attention.  As if they’re saying “Talk about me! Talk about me or I’ll effing go away.”

That is my brain.

So, (see what I did there?) as much as autocorrect and grammar check makes me crazy I would write nonsense without it.

What strange and wonderful grammar or speech pattern do you have?

1 comment:

Collie said...

Oh, my! I can't quit reading. You bring me hope, as this was such a reflection of me!