27 March 2012

Remember the Reading Hour?

Is there anything more enticing than a stack of books? (Ryan Reynolds, Channing Tatum.  Pizza.)  I have multiple stacks of books around this house, many of them unread. There is one next to my bed that I’ve read a few chapters of and one next to my chair that I’ve read the first chapter.

Where did my book reading time go? 

I usually read at the racetrack, in between rounds.  I can burn though a book a weekend there.  But we haven’t been to the track since September. 

I usually read during our snow days or when the power goes out. This year we had snow days but it was when Kevin’s mom was in hospital so no reading then.  The power didn’t go out this winter so there went that opportunity as well.

I haven’t even really taken the time to take a long bath.  What is up with that?

I haven’t had insomnia in a long while, that was my other reading opportunity.  I’m happy about this so there will be no complaining.

Perhaps it is because there is so much good television on these days.  Rarely is there a night where nothing is on that we want to watch.  I guess I can also blame the DVR in this instance.  Nowadays, there simply is no such thing as nothing on.

I don’t read in the mornings after Kevin leaves because that will guarantee my falling back asleep and being late for work.  The same principal as turning on the laptop or writing in the early morning.

So poppets, where do you find time to read?

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Collie said...

I hate investing time in a book I don't like, so I rarely read anything new. Instead I fit old favorites in at bedtime....if I stay online with netflix I would never get to sleep, but give me a favorite passage by a favorite author and it relaxes me.