24 March 2012

A Simple Thank You Will Do

Last night I was holding a restaurant door open for my family.  As happens certain family members straggled behind.  In the meanwhile, a family came out.  There were three daughters (all with glasses by the way. I notice these things) who came out first. 

Each of them thanked me for holding the door open, as did their parents.  I mentioned to their parents that each of the girls thanked me and that it was impressive.  I imagine it would be nice to get positive feedback about your children so I try to mention it when I get the opportunity.

(They also reminded me of BFF K's kids, both in appearance and manners)

Tonight Kevin buttered my toast (yes, very Notting Hill of him) and I told him "Thank you, that was very nice of you." I think that made him just as happy as if I said I love you or I'm proud of you.

I think saying please & thank you often is forgotten in the hustle of life.  We take each other for granted, not purposefully but just by being distracted, busy, and used to each other.

Perhaps it is because we don't think it's necessary with our loved ones.  Surely we will say thank you to strangers who hold the door open but do we remember to do it for our own families?  I'm not so sure.  Again, I don't think it's anything malevolent I think we're just preoccupied.

So all that being said: thank you for stopping by to read these ramblings.  Thank you for all the little unnoticed kindnesses that you do.

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Swistle said...

It's a very good point. I find too that with household chores, Paul and I get in the habit of one of us doing the chore, and then it stops "feeling necessary" to say thank you: it feels like it's just his responsibility and so I don't need to remark on it. But I certainly LOVE IT when Paul thanks me for clean laundry or for going to the grocery store, so I try to remember to at least SOMETIMES thank him for doing the dishes in the evening or for reading to the kids---and when I do, I always feel as if the thanks is long overdue!

Oh, man, I'll bet you made those parents' WEEK if not YEAR.