21 March 2012

Stumbling Into the Light

There is a line that everyone that has ever lived in the Pacific Northwest hears this time of the year:

We come stumbling out into the light, as if emerging from hibernation.

Today was that day.  Even though  there was snow on the ground this morning, the day was gorgeous.  Sunny, beautiful, and dare-I-say warm.  After the grey and dark of winter, it is as if everyone has been suddenly zapped with a defibrillator.

Windows were open, sunglasses were donned, and moods were brightened. It is amazing what simple sunlight does to a human body and psyche.

The 4Runner has a sunroof.  I have wanted a sunroof since I was fifteen years old.  It is a special kind of luxury to slide the cover back and have sunlight pour down upon you.

Happy Spring, everyone.  I hope you find a moment to stand in the sun today.

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