22 March 2012


I have mentioned a few (eleventy) times  that my job has changed.  One of the fun outcomes is that I will regularly be responsible for social media.  So, yeah, I am getting paid to post on the facebook, the twitter, the pinterest, and new development: a blog.

I can't believe quite yet that I will be paid to surf the interwebs and write.  It is very strange to me that what I had hoped for, years ago, has come to fruition. 

What is strange is that there is no to few templates as to how to "do" social media. There are plenty of suggestions and people willing to take your money in order to teach you but truly, this is new territory.

Luckily for me, I have this space that I'm familiar with and my personal facebook, twitter, and pinterest accounts.  It's different, however, when it's for an organization versus for person entertainment.

I tend to be irreverent and sarcastic but when representing I won't be able to do that. I will need to research "serious" topics to post and talk about.  I accidentally posted to my personal twitter a link about racism that I would normally never post.  (if you follow me, did you wonder wtf?)

So, that's what I will be up to.  A total Gen Xer working on the interwebs for a living.  Now if I could just do it from home, life would be perfection. But I'm so not complaining that's for sure.

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