09 March 2012

Tell Me About So Much

We are all feeling a little vulnerable lately. January  February are always tough months and recent events have just added to the annual ennui.

The other day I was scoffing at the "We've Been Through So Much" quote that one hears so often in vows and engagement announcements.  You hear this A Lot in reality television shows. (ahem, Bachelor commercials. Bitch, please)

I found myself grumbling at the television.  "Be together for more than ten minutes. Have elderly parents. Endure illness.  Have children. Pay a Mortgage." Scoff.  "Been through so much." Eyeroll. Whatever.

Do please tell me about we've been through so much...like when he danced with that girl in the club? or didn't call you? or that time that your mom didn't pay your cell bill? or when he didn't notice your hair? Or you spilled something on your brand-new outfit?

Is that what you call "so much"? Because if it is, buckle up baby.  The universe is going to hand you so much more. And you're not going to like it.

I know, I know. Everyone we meet is fighting a battle. I'm just not in the mood for people sweating the small stuff. 

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