28 March 2012

Time to Dig

The grocery store has flowers for sale outside the doors now.  I’ve been longingly admiring them as I go past. 

My fake flowers still line the walkway along the house.  They’ve held up incredibly well over the past two years.  I do enjoy the random brightness they hold in the dark months.

But I’m starting to crave real, growing things.  I’m starting to think about planting the backyard and replacing the fakes. 

One of the problems I have is that I do have random pots that I can’t remember if I planted perennials or annuals.  I think I mostly planted annuals but I thought that last year and was wrong in two pots.  Luckily, the perennial just grew around what I planted on top of them.

I like butterfly bushes, lavender, and hostas.  Kevin doesn’t want anything like hostas because we live in the country and he wants to avoid critters living in the depths.  I also like lilac & lilies that grow really well here but I am super allergic. 

The kids like playing in our backyard so I’m hesitant to plant anything while they are living here.  This is a trade off that I don’t mind at all.  I can have flowers later.

Lucky for me, it’s only March.  I have another month before it is safe to plant anything.  That’s plenty of time to attempt to plan some sort of landscaping.

But I think I’ll still keep my fake flowers.  They’re still so pretty!

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Collie said...

I long for my garden, even though it is nonexistant. Each year I plant something and hope it will grow. My grandmother was a 'master gardener' -- something I have never had time to become; so I go to the Ocktoberfest and invest in bulbs each year. I finally planted some this last fall, so I actually have three tulip growing in the middle of my grass; didn't really have time to make a flowerbed. But I still buy all the garden magazines and long for the perfect garden. Think I should blow up some of the pictures and set them around the house...my version of fake flowers.