06 January 2013

My mom is on the facebook

Actually Kevin's mom is.

His father gave her the Nook tablet and we set up a facebook and gmail account on Christmas Day. She was so excited because she's been wanting a facebook account for about a year.  She is 72 years old and a stroke victim but she's picking it up pretty quickly.  Perhaps a little too quickly.

Earlier today we were trying to emphasize the difference between writing on someone's wall and sending them a private message.
Tonight we laughed out loud when she posted on Kevin's brothers page
"Hi Jim.Are you still awake? I am not for long. Have a  good night (."
I think Kevin's brother saw every day of his future life flash before his life.

She's commenting on as many things as she can figure out how to. On my general "Happy New Years" post she thanked me for the chocolate cake we gave them last night. 
On one Kevin's oldest friends, she posted "Thanks for being my friend."

It's very sweet because the cousins (her nieces) live in Missouri, Kansas, & Washington DC and they FREAKED OUT that their elderly aunt was on the facebook.  Now they can keep in contact with her without the half-hour long monthly telephone conversations.

Now she's facebook-stalking everyone.  Kevin said he'll look at her Nook and she'll have ten windows open where she's looking at pictures, walls, friends lists.

Although we did have to tell her not long ago that LOL is not "lots of love".  "Well, that's not how I mean it." she says.
Kevin told her "Mom, you can't just use it how you mean it. What if Pam's dog dies? Are you going to write "Sorry your dog died. LOL"?

Now that she has nearly figured out facebook, we are going to set up an Amazon account.  Once she  proves that she's not going to put them in the poor house by "accidentally" buying things, we'll set up some web-browsing for her.

Heaven help us. Kev's mom is on the facebook.

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