23 January 2013

Don't Touch That Dial

I kind of love talk shows.  I think it is because I grew up in the age of the talk show.  Dinah Shore, Merv Griffin, and Mike....I've forgotten his name now...were all on when I got home from school.

Then the shows grew into Phil Donahue and Oprah Winfrey (back in the day when she had a last name) and Ricki Lake. 

*I swear I'm not a 75 year old grandmother with ten cats.*

Now I watch The Talk and Anderson Cooper faithfully every day.  I used to watch Ellen but I tired of the gimmicky comedy element of it and the fact that there were ten guests in twenty minutes.  I can appreciate her but she's just not my preference. I also will record other shows if there is a guest that I really enjoy, including late night shows.

I do have the habit of fast forwarding through guests I don't know or particularly care for though. Sometimes I regret it when I read in the entertainment news that "OMG YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT THEY SAID."  But mostly, I just have other ways to spend my time (a.k.a. other shows to watch)

Tonight I am exhausted.  I've been trying to work full-time and right now it feels like there have been back-to-back full moons at work.  (those of you who work in social services, first responders, or schools understand what I just said)

So I actually did not have the energy to walk the six feet to the remote while making dinner to change the show when Joan Collins came on The Talk.  I am not a Dynasty fan and I'm not a fan of her books so I was not interested in her at all.

But then she told a great story about doing her own stunts and something that Gene Kelly told her. 

AGAIN: I swear I'm not seventy-five years old and own ten cats.

I was happy that I hadn't fast-forwarded past her interview.  It was a great story (to me) and I was glad that I heard it. 

I guess the lesson learned is to stop being in such a hurry and to stop being dismissive of talk show guests that I am not familiar with or fond of because something might happen during that interview to change that.

Yes, I realize the entire reason for talk shows is that last sentence.  It's been a long day.

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