10 January 2013

Dressing the ADD revisited

I've written about this before but after this morning, it bears revisiting.

I never plan ahead what I'm going to wear the next day.  I choose my clothing as I'm getting ready for work and often about ten minutes before I leave.  So wardrobe mishaps have happened.  Missing buttons, inside out shirt, a missed stain.  You get the idea.

It suddenly got cold this week.  Low 30's kind of cold, snowing kind of cold.  I work in a 100 year old building with floor-to-ceiling windows cold.

So: Layers.

The ADD doesn't enjoy tight.  I hate anything touching my ribs.  I did find (in Vegas, quite by accident) an UnderArmour undershirt that doesn't make me insane(er).  This = first layer.

I grabbed a pair of heavier cords to wear.  This is where I say I have difficulty discerning between navy blue and black. (how many of you just thought of Father of the Bride?  "Thaht is not blahck, thaht is Nawvy Blew.")

But I rolled with it.  I decided to go monochromatic and grabbed a nawvy blew fitted sweatshirt.  Did you catch that? a fitted sweatshirt.  I KNOW.  But I tried.

Also, I grabbed the wrong pair of underwear.  Ones that don't fit comfortably.  Don't we just Hate That.

Still, rolled with it.  Until I didn't.

I started the station wagon, fed the dog, and was almost walking out the door when I looked at the clock.  This is where if it was a movie, you would hear the record scratch.

I had a few extra minutes.  I turned on my heel and completely redressed.  Different almost everything.  Brushed dark green cords, matching dark green fleece.  Underwear that doesn't make me want to take hostages.

I was still on time for work but Even If I Wasn't = Totally Worth It. I saved lives today.
Before you ask the obvious question, wait.  I totally just went and voted the above mentioned offending items from my closet.

 Now, fess up.  What do you have that makes you uncomfortable to wear? 


Swistle said...

I have a shirt with a too-low neckline. It looks fabulous as long as I make sure it doesn't slip further, but I have to be constantly On Alert. I can wear it with a cami underneath for security---but the cami drives me crazy. It's fitted, and it rides up. So I'm all tug up, tug down, tug up, tug down, OH FORGET IT I'M PUTTING MY PLAIN CREW-NECK T-SHIRT BACK ON.

Anonymous said...

Brushed cords, polar fleece, underwear that could carpet a studio apartment. Kinda not my diggage.
It has been said, by many, that the way we present ourselves in public is the silent introduction to all those we will not actually have words with. Toe to toe matching.....okay. Sometimes a little more effort in our professional, and even personal, choices is required.

Anonymous said...

Wow, could Anonymous be any ruder and judgmental? The point of this post is to talk about things about our clothes that bother us NOT for you to get on your high horse and preach about how you feel others need to put more effort into their clothing choices. Sometimes a little more effort to be less judgmental about other's clothing choices is required.