08 April 2013

25 Pounds of Happy

Hi, My name is Lucy but they also call me Missy and Lucky and sometimes all three

Because we don't have near ENOUGH going on right now and because we really shouldn't be in charge of our own lives, we got a puppy.

It's very soon, as an old friend wisely asked, but we've been talking about getting a new puppy for months.  Also, if we were to get another dog, it would have to be now or it will be the busy part of the summer when we wouldn't have the time to devote to training a puppy or if we wait then it would be too close to Winter. So: now.

We stopped by the humane society where we got Aussie and Missy "just to look" (according to Kevin) and it turned a bit into a therapy session.  The wonderful lady in charge asked if we had any dogs and Kevin explained what happened to Missy.

To me, there was a glimmer of doubt that she was going to say Nope, you can't have a dog.  Instead she said that it happens so much more often than people think.  She then asked if Missy had been losing her hearing.  When Kevin said yes, she gestured "Well, there you go then.  That's usually what happens."


Lucy is a hound.  Not a colloquial hound but an actual hound.  Everyone says she is part Beagle but she doesn't have the traditional markings of one beyond a baying ability that can be heard for counties.  And those floppy ears.  She looks like a miniature shepherd.  She weighs 25 pounds, is about a foot tall, and doesn't seem to have much more growth left.  Compared to Missy, who was 80 lbs and Aussie who was almost 100 lbs. she seems tiny.

She has some training, thank god.  She comes when called unless she sees Kevin's dad Who Is Her Bestest Friend EVER OMG, she sits, she lays down and she's considering working on staying.

She isn't a ball dog but she does like toys.  Neither of our dogs have liked toys so this is new territory for us.  Sidenote: pet stores has chew toys that look like real animals.  Give me a moment while I just say EEEWWW.  She does like to chew a bit but stops as soon as she knows you've seen her.  This makes me wonder what will find that I haven't seen her chewing.

Originally we were considering Abby as a name but Kevin woke up the first morning and chose Lucy.  It's turned into Lucy Loo and Lucky, Missy, Lucy.
Mostly we like people names for dogs and names that we aren't going to feel stupid yelling.

Welcome Home Lucy!

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Swistle said...

OH MY GOSH WHAT A GREAT DOG! Congratulations on your new addition!