13 April 2013

A Little Bit of Shiny

The cause of my sister-in-law's accident was determined to be an "unsafe lane change" by a car that was unscathed during the accident.

Whilst traveling southbound, car A made a lane change from the right lane to the left lane to accommodate for entering traffic.  She accidentally cut off car B in the left lane, who then over-reacted and swerved, traveled across the median, and striking the sister-in-law.

So: horrible. For everyone involved.

Here is the most lovely thing:

The woman in Car A saw what she had caused and stopped her car.  Instead of going on and hoping for the best and forgetting it ever happened, she stopped her car.

AND THEN, she ran across the median to the s-i-l's car and CLIMBED INSIDE to comfort and care for her.  She sat in the backseat amongst broken glass and broken debris to hold her hand while apologizing and promising that she would not leave her side until she left in the ambulance.

Sidenote: to show how "lucky" my s-i-l is, there was a conference for EMT's and ER nurses that had just let out so there were a crazy amount of nurses & EMT's with her seconds after her accident happened because they were traveling home.

The other day, I was over at the house visiting and the s-i-l showed me a get well card.  It was a really pretty one with a really nice sentiment, someone had clearly taken their time in choosing it.

It was from the woman that had caused the accident and she had written a long personal note apologizing for causing the accident and stating that she was praying for her recovery and offered to help her in any way that she possibly could.

I just thought that was so kind and thoughtful. It gives a person a little faith in humanity and a little bit of shiny in a dark time.

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