10 April 2013

A Good Idea Indeed

The wisdom of getting a puppy when everything else has been falling apart is to be questioned, for sure.  That being said, with each day I feel more confident in our decision.

It gives Kevin and I something to look forward to and focus on.  The puppy is fun for the sister-in-law and the nephew.  She gives them wiggles and nose boops galore.

But this happy little incident happened the other day and made me think "This is perfect timing."

We have an outdoor space for the puppy that has a dog house, grass, and a run.  After much discussing, Kevin and his dad decided that a fence is a better idea.  I won't say they were *wrong* but they were technically incorrect in their decision. 

I put the puppy out there the first morning and went to work.  I was at work just a few minutes when my mother-in-law phoned wondering if I was home. The puppy was at her house as she is a ninja and tunneled out of her space in mere minutes.

The in-laws agreed to babysit the puppy for the remainder of the week until we can anti-ninja her space.  She spent her time in their house and in her crate at our house while we were gone. 

The puppy LOVES, LOVES!!!! Kevin's dad.  OMG they are besties forever.  She jumps on his lap and gives him kisses and wiggles and plays and they are both just joyous together. 

I come home nearly the same time every day. On this afternoon, I stopped at the sister-in-laws first (clearly visible & audible from the in-laws) for a few minutes then came home.  As I am pulling up the road to our driveway, I see Kev's dad hurriedly rushing toward our house to break out the puppy.

By the time I parked and gathered my things, out comes one excited puppy and very happy father-in-law.  They took a walk together and had a grand old time.

So, yes, getting the puppy was a good idea after all. For everyone.

"I have no idea what you're talking about.  I would never tunnel out because I am a good girl"

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