04 April 2013

News & Notes Family Edition

I have decided that if anyone played an April Fool Day prank on anyone in the family, they are going to get socked in the nose, because really.

Family update:
Sister-in-law is freaking indestructible.  She went to the store with the parents to get supplies for Easter.  She did a load of laundry.  She is in a wheelchair AND only can use one hand. She has surgery on Tuesday to repair her shoulder.

Nephew...sigh...The Nephew is okay.  Just okay.  He's not gaining weight and he's been home for a week and a half.  They've been adjusting his TPN (iv food) and he's on a clear foods diet but alas, not so much on gaining weight.  150 lbs. is where he is hovering.  We are trying not to freak out.  Also, he was briefly hospitalized for blood clots in his leg.  Now the lucky boy gets to give himself shots.

My father-in-law has decided to work in our rock garden by adding a new rock wall.  75 years old and can kick all of our asses.

I spent some time on Friday washing the dog bowls and her bed.  I put them all away because it was a little too much for the both of us.  I left out the outside bowls because Lucky will empty Missy's water bowl on a daily basis.  We gave our adirondack chairs to the family.  I think seeing the chairs she laid in all day empty was the hardest part for me.

Over the weekend I was able to work in the yard, deck, and rock garden.  I haven't done that in a year so that felt good.  A little stiff today and that's okay.  *Someone* will be happy to hear that the fake flowers are removed, they were looking a little weather beaten and sad.

We didn't have the monkeys on Easter, they were at their dads so Easter was low key.  We'll have them next weekend and then the festivities will commence. They're looking forward to the egg hunt because Uncle Kevin, Uncle Christopher, and Daddy make it challenging.

Work has ramped up as this is the fundraising season.  Every year I forget how crazy-making March, April, and May are.  Every year I forget how mind-numbingly boring the summer is.  It's been six years and one would think I'd have this figured out by now.

Okay poppets.  I have a little good news but it warrants it's own post so tune in tomorrow.

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