12 August 2013


Kevin and I had a kinda sorta date night last night.  I know! on a Sunday, such heathens. 

While we were eating dinner, by ourselves, in a restaurant we haven't been to 5 thousands times, near our house, Kevin looked up and said "I'm so glad we're not in Seattle right now."  It had just occurred to him that our lives have finally reverted back toward normal.

We had a normal weekend.  We did chores and errands.  We hung out.  We watched a movie.  We haven't watched a movie from start to finish since what feels like the advent of color television.  I finished a book.  I walked to the mailbox, twice.  We completed chores we kept having to put aside. We. Hung. Out.

Normal felt weird, foreign almost.  We could take a deep breath.  We could not flinch when the phone rang.  We could turn the music on loud without a worry.

Tonight, the kids were here when we got home.  Kids!  Kids in our yard, playing with the puppy and hanging out with "Gumpa"  (a hybrid of "Grandpa" and "Grumpy" from the littles)  The Nephew has muscle definition (took me to the gun show...hahahaha...lame joke) and is tanned.  He's standing up straight.  There was an actual hug in his hug.

We got to just hang, play, and having fun and what's that word again?  Oh: relax. Yes, that's it.  We haven't bumped into it in a while.

Mundane.  What a strange thing to enjoy.  I hope it sticks around for a while.

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Lindsay said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend. Glad to hear your nephew continues to heal.