26 August 2013

Use Your Inside Voice

We went racing this weekend. It's our last race for this super-short, late-start season. 

We started on Friday morning with what is called a test & tune.  We don't usually do these but we had the opportunity and took it.  It was just Kevin, me, and the Nephew.  So much fun!  So much less stressful.

We went up to make our first pass and off Kevin goes.  It looks good, nothing spectacular and we wait to see his numbers flash on the board.  Like a scene from Groundhog Day, it's the same exact numbers he's been running after multiple changes that shouldn't allow that to happen.

Forgetting that it's a test & tune and that there's no other cars running, spectators, or even an announcer in the tower, I stood in disbelief in the middle of the track and shouted:


There was an awkward silence for a moment then our friends just started laughing.  I should really pay more attention to my surroundings. 

Usually, anything I say can't be heard over the noise.  Although, usually I don't say much at all.  I don't like the overly excited reactions that some people display.  I just feel it's poor sportsmanship.  While yes, you may have just done very well, someone else? not so much.  I get it if you've broken a record or just won a race but even then.  If something goes well, Nephew and I do an awkward little fist bump and move on.  If we lose, we always congratulate whoever won.

Fast forward to the next day: same scenario but now racing is underway so lots of noise and people.  We watched Kevin again but the Groundhog Day curse was broken.  This time I smacked the Nephew in the shoulder (sorry, Monkey) who is videoing everything and shouted "FINALLY!!!!"

That will be great to hear back on the video, I'm sure.  As well as the footage of the ground and sky that occurred when I smacked him. Well done me.

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