09 August 2013

Damn Crows

We were talking about Kevin's mom getting a puppy and about how in the country the little toy dogs can't be outside by themselves.  They can become lovely snacks for some of the more predatory animals in the woods.

For some unknown reason, Kevin's brother decided to tell his mother that he saw a video of crows attacking a small dog to emphasize the point. (I KNOW, RIGHT?)

After I was finished complaining about how stupid that is to tell to a 75-year-old woman, I wondered whether or not that was even something a crow would do. "Aren't they scavengers?"

Kevin exclaimed "They WOULD! Crows are ASSH*LES!"

It made me laugh out loud.  Now when I see a crow, all I can hear is Kevin.

(and they kinda are, it turns out. They're also very smart birds.)

Oh, and new puppy:

My name is Bella and I weigh 5 lbs

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Anonymous said...

Oh my - I need glasses. Reading along, I kinda went "huh?" I laughed out loud when I realized my mistake. Try reading this post substituting the word "cows" for "crows"!