06 September 2013

I Like the New Car Smell But...

Some of you may know that I am super-anti-new-car.  As in: off the dealership lot new car. There are multiple reasons (my intense dislike of salesman and the accompanying guilt for said dislike, for instance) but my reason is mostly financial.

I just can't, can't, can't justify spending money on something that depreciates the very moment you sit in it.  It's a bad investment.

What really bothers me is the prospective of repairs.  Right now, my 4Runner is in the shop and the cost is going to hurt.  All in all, the cost of repair is still in the column of "worth it" versus getting something different.

But if this was a new car? Just kill me.  Replacement parts that are available from the dealer only, thus marked up a billion percent, complicated systems that require specialized tools and skills, warranties that require dealership mechanics versus our wonderful crazy smart mechanic. No thank you because  OF course, this comes not even a little bit inexpensively.

I've heard stories of repairs being so costly that the cars are returned to the dealership at a loss.  This would be my luck. 

When we rent vehicles when we travel, I certainly appreciate driving a shiny new vehicle just not enough to have a payment, increased insurance, and costly repair bills.  Required maintenance as opposed to Kevin doing the regular maintenance? Again: big, fat, No Thank You.

I'm just not sure what I'm going to do when they have cars that fly.  Because I'm in on that. 

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