14 September 2013

That's a Heavy Tote Bag

Somewhere along the way I developed the habit of carrying a tote bag back and forth to work.  Sometimes it's because I have magazines I bring to work, or too many things to carry, or whatever.  One of the items that is often in the tote is my bag of bills. 

It's an organized, small bag of bills like magazine invoices, doctors bills, or things that I am meaning to do. Stuff like call for appointments, make payment arrangements, or argue with insurance.  I don't carry bank statements or anything like that, just the little stuff that tends to get shuffled elsewhere or forgotten.

There was always a sense of frustration and disappointment when I saw that organizer. Again I would forget something or go to pay one of them only to have to wait, or not have stamps or checks, or whatever.

Recently I made the decision to just stop doing it. Break the habit, as clearly as it had become.  It wasn't helpful or organized, it was burdensome.  Swistle popped into my head "Does it bless or oppress?" she asked.  A resounding OPPRESS! was my response.

On the big scale of life, this is not a problem.  But it's just one of those habits that people fall into and completely forget why they started or continued to do.  They say it takes 21 days to break a habit.  I'm starting NOW.

How about you?

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