05 September 2013

Ever Growing Wish List

With the culling of all our antique VHS tapes, I made a list of what needs replacing with dvds.  Some of them I won't bother replacing while others I can't believe I haven't replaced yet.

I went onto Amazon and found myself in a black hole.  One hour later "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought" is KILLING ME.  The list keeps getting exponentially longer!  I haven't added all the movies needing replacement yet!

AND, AND, I know by the time I get through this list, some new technology will be created that will make this obsolete.  Hello Cassette Tapes > CD's > MP3's > Digital music.  And yes, I know about downloading movies but who has that time & memory space?

Some of the movies are older so they're not readily available so they're ridiculously expensive. I'll wait for the next version of dvd's for those, I guess.

My little brother uses my Amazon wish list for birthdays and Christmases.  Last year he won big time by giving me "A Wedding for Bella", a sounds cheezy on the surface movie that is absolutely wonderful.  He chose it because "It's been on the list the longest."

I can only imagine when he checks out my list in two months.

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Swistle said...

Adding "A Wedding for Bella" to my Netflix queue!