02 September 2013

It's Just Stuff

I set my intentions this weekend early last week.  I knew I was going to be sans vehicle so I tried to plan accordingly.  (Don't ask re: vehicle.  Out of 4, only 2 are working. Up from only 1. Gah)

There are a few tasks that I'm still getting caught up from after lazing about through 2012.  Spring Cleaning is one of those tasks.  Specifically: cleaning out random cupboards.

I began with the one in the bathroom that I dislike.  It needs one more shelf and not to be a lower cupboard.  I dragged out everything and reorganized completely.   It's still not my favorite cupboard but at least I don't growl at it when I need something. Also: epsom salts? 2 bags.  Need lotion?  I've got a stockpile going on over here. 

I also have a little plastic, three-drawer organizer under our sink where I keep my stuff.  It's the easiest solution for me as this bathroom looks nice but has a lack of storage.  Except that I have three things precariously perched on top that fall off with regularity.  The fix?  a plastic basket.  A $1 solution to something that's bothered me since we moved into this house.  (only 8 years.)

Then onto the kitchen.  There is one random cupboard next to the refrigerator that stores phone books.  Seven of them, as a matter of fact.  No, I don't collect them, it's a hassle to be rid of them.  Oh, and candles.  I told Kevin to tell the family: no more candles.  I must have a dozen of small canister candles plus three yankee-style candles. All new. Plus the random accoutrements that go with candles: lighters, holders, snuffers, etc.

Cupboard number two has our med bottles from the last year.  I haven't quite gotten the knack for recycling these.  Taking off the labels is nearly impossible and scribbling with a sharpie is tedious.  Also, sometimes Kevin uses the odd shaped ones so I have the tendency to hoard them a bit.

Next up: the movie/cd cupboard.  Gone are all the VHS  tapes. (I know, I KNOW)  I made a list of movies that I still need to replace to dvd while I went through them.  Surprisingly, it's not a long list.  Gratitude to Amazon for that.  Now I have one complete empty cupboard.

I still have to figure out what to do with our one gabillion cds though.  Kevin has the ones he wanted converted but I still have to do mine, which is the lion's share of the cds.  Rainy days are on their way, I suppose.

Next up: my office.  I didn't even try to organize Monica's closet again.  That is going to be a full day task.  It's not as bad as before but I've since downsized to one closet as I am the best wife ever and have a racecar closet that stores tires, boxes, gear, parachute, etc.

My desk is a mess, as filing hasn't been done in a while.  Enough time has passed that I just need to do another shredding party.  I hadn't reorganized from when the dinosaur computer died so I'm embarrassed to admit that the monitor was still plugged into an outlet.  Electronics seem to multiply during the night: earbuds, sd cards, cords, usb's. 

I have to go through our address book again.  Yes, an actual physical address book.  I can't bear to be rid of it, it's our history.  I need to update it from the random slips of paper and business cards.  I'm saving that for a rainy day as well. But hopefully before Christmas, when I really need it organized.

But I feel better.  I feel lighter.  Stuff has a habit of accumulating and I'm glad to cull through it.  The idea of empty cupboards is ridiculously pleasing to me.  (I realize that there was a chorus of gasps/shut-ups there: EMPTY CUPBOARDS!?!?! What is this that she speaks of!?!)

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Swistle said...

You're inspiring me!

I like a physical address book, too.

I happened to notice your Charlie Brown comic today, and it made me a little weepy. It really IS a good cure!