22 September 2013

Measuring Cups

To continue an old conversation that Swistle had with us a while ago, I hate how manufacturers seem to be believe that if you're a certain size, you automatically enjoy and desperately need large floral patterns and most recently: sparkles.

However, it is the reverse with bras.  If you are a larger size, then you get to wear white or nude.  Nothing fun for you so don't even ask.  I just wear black (I know, you're shocked) and even that can be difficult to find.  It's not like I want or would invest in having every color of the rainbow but I'd like to have the option. Especially the option of anything else other than what appears to be a replication of a picture from the 1955 Sears Catalog.

To add insult to injury, the expense is twice. I understand materials and demand factor into the cost but looking around at regular 'Merica and I see quite the demand for the larger sizes that clearly isn't being fulfilled.

Also, there aren't many sports bras.  This I don't complain about because Just No.  At a certain size you forgo being able to do much of anything that requires a sports bra.  This I support.  (see what I did there)

Then we look at the "You Get What You Pay For" scenario.  If you get less expensive ones, they won't last as long and you don't get what you need. Don't even try regular stores. There's a reason that Oprah & Rosie O'Donnell go to that expensive bra shop in New York.  I've heard that Macy's does a really good job but perhaps not in having the larger sizes.

I noticed that the "How to Measure" had changed on a website so I looked into it.  Yeah, not so much.  I think they changed it to "How to Measure for Maybe, Close Enough, That'll Do."  I am a (are you ready for this?) a 36-G and the new measurement had me as a 40-DD.  Umm, NO.  Just NO. With that size, a really, really tight t-shirt would probably do the same task.

Also, if you're in the above size range, online shopping is your deal. Most stores don't stock above DD or DDD and certainly not when you're a 36 and need the bigger sizes.  Also, trying them on is on par with trying on swimsuits in a store.  Just kill me and then I won't need one.  I've found Amazon to be really helpful.  Some of the other sites swamp you with spam or want you to register or simply aren't as helpful.

I've found online shopping to be easier but a person has to be super careful when ordering to avoid the not-fitting scenario.  Luckily, I've only had to return one and it was via Amazon so easy-peasy. 

Swistle wondered about this the other day and this is my opinion:
If you need to wear a larger size like that, you need to wear it all the time.  Going without - even in the comfort of your own home - is not doing anyone any favors.  (think: delivery persons, in-case-of-emergency, unexpected guests, emotional scarring of the children)  Not to mention the wear & tear on your back & neck.  They're not joking when they say it makes all the difference. Like the sports bra, somethings are just not negotiable when you're a larger size.

So once you find the right size and style, order a million of them because there is a specific kind of panic and disappointment when a style is no longer available.

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