15 September 2013

Yelling at the Gas Station

On the weekends we take Lucy to the mocha stand for treats.  Oh, and we get coffee for us too. 

This morning after getting treats for all involved, Kevin pulled in to get gas.

As he got out, he turned to tell me something then exclaimed "OH MY GOD, why don't you get your phone off the toolbox?"

I turned around to see that I had left my phone on the toolbox while playing with Lucy before we left the house.  It had ridden back there the whole 2+ miles from our house.

I got out to get it and Kevin was sassing. (I know: surprising) "I know you want a new phone but this seems extreme. I can't believe...."

Meanwhile, the poor gentleman on the opposite pump was looking a little concerned.  Because we're Talking Loudly to each other and this is Alger, where these things seem to happen.  I know he was thinking "I just need to get into the truck then I'll call 911 when I pull out."

Kevin noticed the guy and told him "She left her phone on the TOOLBOX. She's so lucky it didn't fall OFF.  I can't BELIEVE she did that!"

Now the guy is laughing. Now that he knows he's not going to be a witness to an assault.

Kevin continues when it occurs to me:

"WAIT, WAIT, WAIT!!! How did you  get your new phone?  What happened there? Oh, that's RIGHT! You left it on the HOOD.  THAT'S how you got a new phone!"  (true story...on Christmas Eve, nonethelesss)

"This isn't about ME," he shouts, "This is about you wanting a new phone!"

I am cracking up laughing as the gentleman gets in his truck.  Kevin looks over and reports that he's telling his wife, gesturing, and laughing.

We continue to stand there, sassing and watch the gentleman pull out of the gas station.  They're seemingly nervously laughing as they pull away.  They did wave though.

In all honesty: I can't believe the phone stayed back  there either.

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