30 April 2014

Random Drafts

Swistle did this when she was converting her blog over to another site.  As she went through her posts, she posted some of the the random drafts that were languishing around.  I think this is a brilliant idea, as many of hers are, and I'm borrowing it.

Here are some of my unfinished drafts:

This House is Clean
I've mentioned before that the building I work in is 100 years old.  It's always been a YWCA so I can't even begin to guess how many people have been through those doors.  It's always been a residence but it has also been a public swimming pool and public kitchen.  It was built to provide single women a place to live or spend time off the streets of the Wild West days of early Bellingham.

There has been mentions of ghosts and sounds and closing of doors since I started here.  I take it in stride because that stuff doesn't bother me. Also: 100 year old building.  I don't get to be bothered by such things and work here.  Someone said once that I work in a museum and I found that to be quite apt.

No title
I'm still on strike over camping at the racetrack because I'm 44 years old and that seems ridiculous. (the camping and the 44 years old thing, both equally ridiculous) So, I came home alone one night and both of us one night.  I like to drive so the trip back and forth is a treat for me. Crossing the border doesn't bother me at all.  I just have a book in case I ever get stuck in a back-up.  Some of the border guards say "Welcome Home" when we come back and it's strangely very nice to hear.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Just a link:
I meant to wax poetically about the city I work in.  Read this instead.
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Phone Dependency:
After last year's adventure, having my phone with me has become such a habit that it's beginning to bother me. I don't like being that person that is constantly checking their phone or panicking because they can't find it.

But after nearly a year of having it constantly on my person so if I had trouble I could call, it has sadly become like a pacifier.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Just a list (some of which I *think* I wrote about and was originally intended as a recap of our Vegas trip..two years ago):
Schizophrenic or Bluetooth?
Forced to watch commercials (no dvr in the hotel)
Discussion of war (Arab Spring was starting and we were traveling with an international businessman friend)
Grand Canyon (I know I wrote about this)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

No Title (but two Christmases ago)
It's strangely quiet here today. After a day of chaos including six kids under eleven and eleven adults, I imagine an airport would seem quiet in comparison.

After stating that the truck repairs and new television were our presents this year, we both failed miserably at being grown-ups and re-enacted Gifts of the Magi. I am writing this on a Nook HD+ ( not quite a tablet but more than an e-reader) while listening to enhanced sound on the new television, courtesy of Kevin's new sound system.

Why, yes, we are both youngest children. Why do you ask?

Kid highlights:
We had one of the boy littles this year for present opening. Coincidentally, he and Kevin were both in full-OCD mode as they disposed of each wrapping after carefully inspecting each present then stashing it away in the assigned box.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 I Want to Date:
Boys of this generation.

(that's it.  I know where I was headed. It was about how enlightened and verbal and more open boys are these days compared to the guys when I was young. One hundred and ten years ago.)
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