14 September 2014

This is the Nonsense I Live With

One of the many fun things about living with Kevin, and there are many, are little surprises like these:

No, this isn't an official NFL candle.

Nor is this an extra-large coffee pot, quite the opposite actually

I  will be going about my daily business when. all of a sudden, something will catch my eye.   A long while ago it was a stuffed dog that kept appearing in random places.  Or something will be randomly turned upside down, like a photograph. 

He took down the clock after the eleventeenth time of my saying that I didn't like it yet didn't act on it. It was a full week before I found it.  I looked in the pantry, the washer/dryer, the closets but it was no where to be found.  When I did actually spot it, I actually laughed out loud.  It was on top of the refrigerator, where I can't possibly see it unless I'm standing on a chair.

I usually leave these things just because they make my smile; just because it's an example of how his mind works and a visualization of his affection.  It's the silliness like this that keeps twenty-three years go along like a blink (or wink, in this case) of an eye. Total and utter nonsense. 

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