27 September 2014

The Light is Changing

I've watched as the mornings return to darkness when Kevin leave at oh-gawd-thirty. He leaves so early and it stays dark for a while afterward that it's a little creepy if you have an over-active imagination.  I don't usually shower early during the winter months.

 I've watch the light change as it shines through the back door windows throughout the day.  Even here in my office, the sun stays behind the trees instead of pouring in the window most of the day. A month ago it was too hot to sit back here and write and now, it's nearly perfect.

The light is different when I walk to get the mail in the evening.  Now the road is in the shade and I can see the beginning of the sunset reflected on the neighboring hills.  It won't be too long and it will be too dark to walk down after Kevin gets home from work.

The sound is different as well.  Now there is a constant chorus of falling leaves.  The birds have quieted, with the exception of the bluejays, who are suddenly obnoxiously loud. And then there is the rain.  After a long, beautiful summer, the rain has returned.  It was gone for so long, it almost seems foreign.

It was a lovely summer and I'm a little sad to see it go.  I'm grateful to be able to watch the change of the seasons.

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