07 November 2014

Dawning Realizations

Remember that scene in Say Anything where they are talking about being married after Lloyd and Diane have sex?  Where they talk about how everything is going to change and the one friend says something along the lines of Years from now you'll be walking along and think "We've had sex."

I wondered about that at the time, if a person would think that.  Of course, I didn't think of it again until many (too many, frankly) years later when I watched the movie again. 

I am unsure if the statement is true or not. I do know that there are moments when it just hits that We Are Married. Right now. Married. I chose this guy. This great guy chose Me.

So, no, I haven't thought that specifically but I've had similar trains of thoughts. That dawning realization of "This is my life right now."

Thankfully, these are mostly happy realizations and not I Need A Good Alibi realizations.

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