30 November 2014

Growth Charts

I used to miss the time when the kids were little.  Well, some of the kids are still "Little" but they're growing so quickly.

On Thanksgiving, our beloved Seahawks played.  We watched the game before, during, and after dinner.  This made my usually awkward holiday a little more bearable. 

What I didn't realized is that my younger niece loves the Seahawks.  She wore the jersey of Russell Sherman and knew stuff about football that I didn't know.  It made the game so much more fun to watch.  Now we communicate via Pinterest, Instagram, and Seahawks. 

Also, I actually was able to spend time with her boyfriend a while ago.  I discovered that he is a lot like Kevin in the fact that he will talk about trucks and four-wheeling for a long while.  He's kind of a quiet version of Kevin. I really enjoy him, and them together.

On the other side of the family, we've discovered that I can get my nerd on with my grown niece and her husband.  Niece knows Doctor Who and old movies and Husband loves the new developments in space. 

The bigs are teens now and so they're not as rambunctious and interactive as they once were.  The oldest big is as tall as I am now, a milestone for sure.  He's been working on that since forever.  We did a fist bump after Kevin declared him taller.

The littles are really becoming their own now.  They've always been slightly different but now we're really watching their difference characteristics developing.  One is quiet and reserved and likes to hang out with the adults.  The other is more active and wants to do stuff, all the time.  The girl has become a little more girly in that she wants to just chill and watch television while snuggling or read a book.  

I guess the point is I now understand the happiness that grandparents get watching their kids/grandchildren grow into adults.

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