05 November 2014

Immediate Gratificaton for the Win

You know what is strangely satisfying?  Power washing.  Talk about immediate gratification.

Kevin was trying to get about three thousand things done over the weekend.  With the time change, he has very little daylight hours available now.  It's dark when he leaves and comes home. This leaves weekends, some of which he works Saturdays.

He began powerwashing our deck and I stepped out to see what was happening.  OMG, it's like the best thing ever.  Just spray it and it looks new!  Must.To.Do.It.

I offered to help and Kevin was reluctant.  Not because he was doubting my skills but because we have The Deal.  The Deal being that I am responsible for the inside of the house and he is responsible for the outside of the house. This fell into the Outside of the House category.

But the need to get things done in a limited period of time won him over.

I washed the deck until the Seahawks game started.  Then Kevin and I went inside to watch.  At half-time, we took turns washing.  The instant gratification pleases Kevin as well.  Paired with his guilt of sharing chores, there was a bit of a struggle of whose turn it was.

But the game came back on and by the end, it was pouring down rain and getting dark.

Yesterday morning I returned to this most pleasing task.  It was sprinkling and due to storm later in the day so I sucked it up and went outside.  I put on one of Kevin's work sweatshirts, which was bright orange and a little water-resistant.  A little.  By the end, water resistant could be defined as "it has a hood."  I'm sure I was quite a sight, with my orange sweatshirt, red LL Bean slip-ons, purple headphones, and soaking wet.

I did enjoy having my headphones in and listening to my music.  I keep downloading music on my phone but not listening because I'm home all day.  (usually I listen to music like this at work)  I'm sure my in-laws appreciated the singing along and possible dance moves, if they happened to come outside.

I only did the floor of the deck, which is quite large.  It wraps around the corner of our house.  I considered doing the railing but, rain, and the railings are hard.  I'm not so much tall so it's more suited for Kevin.  On a selfish note, the spindles would be frustrating because there are four sides to many, many of them.

This is where I say a task such as this, while satisfying, also has big potential of triggering the ocd.  Because you see your progress instantaneously and it triggers the Do All The Things part of the ocd.
Thus, the not having sense to come in out of the rain.

It just looks so nice. I want to continue but I know that I'll just be frustrated at the difficulty level.  And soaking wet.  And my hands, omg, my hands were so cramped.

As a treat, I took the puppy to the coffee stand and we both got treats.  Then we snuggled with the blanket and watched television. We might have napped but you can't prove anything.


One corner. Totally fun pushing the barbecue on a slippery surface.

Center section. Yep, totally powerwashed the little table too.

Right corner. The light is darker because: RAIN.

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