25 November 2014

Job Search...finished

The day before we left for Vegas I accepted a job.  I am freaking out.  Seriously, I can't even.

The interview was in three parts: phone, person one and person two.  In three consecutive days.  I kind of like that it went so quickly, no possibility of hyper-focusing. And that I immediately left on vacation afterward so I couldn't have a complete meltdown.

Private sector job.  This is the first private sector job I've held as a grown-up.  I've always worked in the non-profit world.  I'm assuming it's not terribly different but there's sure to be some differences.

Full-time.  I know, I know, I know.  I'm going to try it, knowing that it might/probably be a failure.  I am panicking about that  and about not having time on my hands that I've become accustomed to with working part time.

Wage & Benefits are the same as my old job.  I'm starting over with vacation days but that's not an issue for me so much.  This is part of the reason I accepted the job.

Nerds.  My first interviewer used a Sheldon pen (Big Bang Theory) that talks.  "Bazinga!"
My second interviewer is a Trekkie and a Doctor Who fan.   As are all the office staff.

Nerf Guns.  I will be issued a nerf gun.

What the What.  I'm a coordinator.  It's a new position so they don't even really know what I'll be doing day to day.  This could be great and could suck.  We'll see.
It's for a security company (locksmith, security & fire suppression systems)

Weird. They were a vendor I used at my old job.

So, December first begins a new adventure.  We shall see.


Gigi said...


Swistle said...

Favorite part: "Nerf Guns. I will be issued a nerf gun."

Life of a Doctor's Wife said...

Here from Swistle and am DYING to know how the job is going! What role does the Nerf gun play in your day-to-day?!

Also, where does one find a Bazinga pen, because I have a relative who needs that.