05 February 2015

Special Shoes

The official countdown to surgery has started.  I'm actually excited, with only a little bit of nervousness.  I am just ready to have this whole thing over with.

I should be off my feet for only a few days.  There is a change that it will be longer but I won't know that for sure until I wake up from surgery.  That will be a fun little surprise. In the meanwhile, I have 34 Gilmore Girls episodes to watch while "relaxing".

If the bones are damaged from the loosening screws, then the recovery will be longer.  If they aren't then it should just be a few days.  I don't know if I will have physical therapy this time or not.  I'm hoping a little that I will.  A little added insurance, I think.

I will admit to having a little psychological trust issue with standing on my leg without the bionics.  I mean, I know that they won't let me do anything that isn't possible or safe. It's just reversing the thought processes that have developed over the last three years.

As an incentive to recover quickly and regain strength/mobility that I've lost, I have new sneakers to wear.  I received them from my brother for Christmas but I just can't wear them right now.  My ankle just isn't strong enough yet.  Also, it's weird to say but there is a learning curve when wearing a new pair of shoes.

With these, because they are light and low, I felt like I was high stepping when I wore them.  It's just a habit to develop is all. But in the meanwhile, they're a goal to reach for this summer.

If I can wear them without issue, come summer I will buy a pair to match the racecar.
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Swistle said...

I'm a little nervous! My mom said something the other day about something that would be on the same day as your surgery, and I got a little adrenaline feeling! I feel like everything is going to go well, so it's not exactly FEAR-adrenaline---but it's definitely "surgery is a little nervousy" adrenaline!

Surely said...

That's exactly how it feels! :)