16 February 2015

Just Checking In

The surgery is all done and it went well.  Now I'm in that weird space of trying to recover as quickly as possible even though I have no control over how long this will take.  I'm on the pain meds, which are different than the ones I had before.  They make me sleepy and I don't like it.  The meds I had before slowed me down but I could still function.  These pills knock me out the moment I stop moving.  Yes, I realize that's the point but it doesn't mean I have to like it.  I tried taking them only at night but they still make me stupid during the day.

As it stands, I can't wear shoes and can barely get a sock on my foot.  I'm able to walk around the house and have ventured outside twice.  I'm starting to get cabin fever, for sure.

So, as always, I set the bar way to high for myself.  This time was based on the surgeon's instructions of weight bearing from the get-go and it should only take a week of recovery.  I'm at one week tomorrow and I don't see myself returning to work very quickly.  Especially since work requires shoes.

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