03 February 2015

Static Cling

My mom gave us sheets for Christmas.  This isn't an unusual gift, it's actually sometimes requested.  It can backfire: she gave us lime green colored sheets once.

This year she went Christmas shopping at Ross with her best friend.  She bought herself a set of these sheets and loved them so much, she returned to get them for us.

We use flannel sheets all year long.  I like how cozy they are, I hate the feel of cold sheets.  During the summer, I just take a blanket or two off the bed.

She bought us FLEECE sheets.  Fleece, like blankets or sweatshirts.  They are super cozy and warm.  It's like sleeping amongst kittens.

But it's winter.  The house is static-y.  I regularly shock Kevin accidentally, which is greatly entertaining to me but I always fear it will someday be paid back to me.

And it was.

I had noticed that the sheets sparked when you pulled the covers back or when you roll over. Like when you were a child and scooched your feet back and forth to create them.  I'd shocked myself a few times but no big deal really.

Eventually I shocked Kevin.  He sleeps soundly so he didn't really notice, at most rolling over.  I admit, I giggled.

Until, in the middle of the night Kevin rolled over and put his arm around me.  In doing so, he shocked me right at the base of my spine.  I swear to sweet baby jesus, the room lit up.  You could hear it crack like lightning.

I muttered to him and rolled over back to sleep. Not before hearing him stifle a giggle.  So, he had this story to tell at Friday night dinner and he was still laughing like it just happened.

His mom seemed interested in the sheets so I was considering giving them to her. (Kevin banned them from our house)  It occurred to me that she's on oxygen.  So I asked Kevin if that was a real concern or if I was over-thinking it.

"Well, it could be a small concern of lighting my mom up but do you really think it's a good idea to give these sheets to our 75 year old parents?"

Fair enough.

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