02 June 2017

Clinging to Cliches

Well, I accepted a job I didn't want.  So now I'm clinging to cliches to quell the anxiety.

When I stopped working, I made a mental to-do list to keep myself from wallowing. I was going to:
go with the flow, not stress about the situation (ha!)
be open to possibilities,
cast a wide net,
follow a new adventure.
*see title

I wasn't going to narrow my focus on one area.  I wasn't going to stay unemployed for long.  I was going to finish projects. I was going to volunteer.  I was going to plan for the future.  (in regard to Kevin's parents and to our own)

Here is why I didn't want it:
It's a government contract job that I literally can't talk about.
It's not in the non-profit world.
It's actually less hours than I want to work.
It's a little further away than I wanted to travel.

Here's why it's a good job:
It's part-time and flexible.
It's in the morning only.
It pays hourly more than I was making. (but the less hours thing makes this a wash)
It's actually only a few minutes from my old work. (but not in a historical building, like I've enjoyed)
It's a group of guys, like five of them.
It's easy for me to do. (theoretically)

Again, in almost a parallel to the Dundler Mifflin job from a few years ago:
They seem unprepared for me.
I'm borrowing a desk and don't have a workstation.
They keep promising that I will be So.Busy.
I don't have a job description or duties list.  But I have a title: Project Administrator.

I'm trying to be Open to the Adventure. I must repeat that to myself ten times a day. I'm trying to be grateful.

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Swistle said...

Well! One thing we know for sure, is it will be interesting to see how it goes!