02 June 2017

This is Beyond Being Open to the Adventure

AND NOW...because I have no attention span and didn’t post the other bloggity post in a timely manner...there's more. 

I still don't have a workstation or email at this new job so I spend about three hours a day doing not much of anything.  They PROMISE that I will be SO.BUSY. once I have everything.  I'm here a month next week and lalalalalalalalalala. La.

 I've had job interviews since then and have been interested/excited about a few of them.  Nothing has come to fruition and that's okay because I'm working here so it's not an emergency that I find a job. 

I was feeling really good about not committing to this job right up until this morning. My absolute favorite guy on this crew made it a point to say how much he enjoys me and my flexibility and quick humor and isn’t he so glad that I’m here.  AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH.  Pick up a rock and kill me, save me from the guilt.

 So, adventures in job searching challenged my Being Open to the Adventure mindset.  I have set the bar so high for myself with one of these last interviews that I don't think (or hope) to ever reach it again.
It is for an office manager for a co-op. (not a non-profit but close)  Here's the thing though: it's a mobile butchering co-op for organic beef.  So, I was a little "Hmmmm..." about it but thought it was only a resume so I applied.  It's an office manager position, no big deal.  An office is an office, really.
And I got an interview.  I sat in front of their board, four of them and two of them were a married couple.  They were in their 70's and were the founders.  She had her hair and makeup did to perfection and dressed like an 80's mom. (acid washed jeans, cuffed. collar cut sweatshirt. matching socks and earrings.)  It was confusing to the brain to look at her.  To add, she spoke like you were the tiniest baby but she was really direct.  My brain was misfiring trying to talk to her.
The interview is going well, they seem to be digging me and my skills.  AND THEN, one of them says "Now here comes the really hard part..."   YEAH, the person has to be present during the BUTCHERING. 
The fact that I stayed seated and didn't cause a Surely shaped hole in the wall escaping is a credit to my fortitude.  When I was finished with the interview, I texted Kevin "All done. OMG OMG."
Of course he phoned me immediately, not knowing what to think.  I told him and he  just LAUGHED and said "EFF.THAT."
I so won't be accepting that job.  Although I suspect they saw panic in my eyes and didn't chose me anyway.
Continuing to stay open to the adventure, despite the Universe having a twisted sense of humor.

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