16 July 2006

Games to do during Commercials...

Continuing my previous post on commercials...

Who is doing Burger King's marketing? It is as if they have hired the Dream Team. Remember that movie? Where they put crazy people as advertisers? Although, in the movie, they did a great job. The marketers for Burger King seem to be people that were fired from Jackass.
Their most recent ads feature little people who are "building" hamburgers, complete with a "Tattoo" clone. It is just wrong. I would think the little people would be picketing Burger King at this point.

Along with the constant barrage of cars & mattresses come razors.
There is always something new, what are we up to now? Six blades? These poor guys are using combines now, not razors. Also, it seems that you can’t have a "good" - and I use that term loosely - razor commercial unless there are lasers, or hot girls in lab coats. I want to see a Sweeney Todd razor commercial!

There is also a lot of symbolism in commercials now. The most obvious is the Budweiser, with their logo imprinted many different ways. There is also a cell-phone commercial, showing bars everywhere. It’s like a 30 second "Where’s Waldo."

I’m loving the 1970’s kaleidoscope commercials I’ve seen too. Lots of candy commercials are in that style.
AND the Target ads! Wow, talk about hip and cool!

I can’t BELIEVE that I saw M-n-M’s and Hershey’s chocolate bars have sex! It showed a romantic, fireside setting and in the blink of an eye, the new Amazing bar is created. (or whatever it’s called.) So, they didn’t exactly have sex, it is just implied but still.

With my newfound free time, I’ve begun noticing the clauses and legalese that is listed along the bottom of many commercials. Most of them say "Results not typical" or "Please Drink Responsibly" (which is funny in and of itself, like a drunken person can read the size 6 font at the bottom of the screen)

One actually read "The use of helicopter is not an energy saving technique"

The chewing gum commercial with Snoop Dogg…I keep missing the clause but I believe it says something about how the gum won’t get you into heaven.

Another trick I’ve noticed is the rave "reviews" that movies put into their trailers. Look closely at whom those "reviews" are attributed to. It’s often not the New York Times or Variety or People. It’s like the Podunk Times or the Cheeseburger Monthly.

So, I’ve provided you a few fun games for you to do during commercials…a benefit from all the free time I have on my hands.

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Kristen Voskuil said...

I DO remember that movie! I remember the ads part was really good, the "hey, maybe crazy people are saner than 'sane' people" was not so good. And Daryl Hannah was kind of weird.

I agree about razor commercials, too. MUST a slinky hot girl in a satin nightie rub herself all over EVERY guy as he's shaving? It seems like the guy should be going, "Ouch, damnit, get off me!" as her caresses cause him to cut himself with one of the six blades.

Candy having sex = weird idea. How late at night do you suppose it was when the marketing team came up with that?