02 March 2007


I bought new sneakers last weekend. Sketchers are my favorite sneakers and I had a 50% off coupon so it was cause to celebrate in my world.

Well, the difference between working in the adult world and kid world became abundantly clear on Monday, much to my disappointment.

In kid-world, new shoes are to be Celebrated! There are few thing as exciting as new sneakers. They often require a min-fashion show so the wearer can show them off to maximum potential. They are cause for comment all day on the first day of wearing. New sneakers are cool.

So much to my disappointment when no one noticed that I had new sneakers on Monday morning. *sniff*
I think I like kids better than adults. They're pretty cool sneakers too. Oh well, their loss.

My advice: next time you get new shoes, or notice someone has new shoes, comment on them! New shoes are a cause for celebration, dammit.

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