03 October 2007

An Abandoned Soap Opera Script

What the hell is going on in Hollywood? Starlets in jail. Car and motorcycle crashes. Breakdowns. Feuds.
It is as if the agents banded together, culled together abandoned soap opera scripts, and set this current Hollywood in motion.

What happened to Hollywood glamour? What happened to discretion? Hollywood used to be considered American Royalty. Now they've become like characters in a graphic novel. Exaggerated.

Is it the media? Is it the agents? The stars themselves? Probably a mixture of all.

In response to an interview question "Why don't we see you in the tabloids?" The Mad Genius's "freebie", Jessica Alba, said "Because when I go out in public, I consider myself at work."
I think she summed it up: celebrities used to conduct themselves as if they were at work when they went out. They were never caught looking less than fabulous, they conducted themselves (mostly) properly. They were at work.

Also, the media used to cut them a break. They'd squelch unflattering photographs, they'd turn a blind eye to compromising situations. Neither of these things happen any more.

I want 1940's glamour back. Bring me Hepburn & Tracy (although they were scandalous in their own right)...Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn. Give me hats, gloves, walking sticks and suits.
Bring back the glamour! And not just because it's the Academy Awards.

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