03 October 2007

When You're Feeling Blue..

My mom used to tell me that if I didn't feel well or was sad to dress up. Her theory was that it was difficult to feel badly when you're dressed up in your nice clothes. And, a by-product is that perhaps people will comment on how nice you look. So, if you feel like poo, your self-esteem will be feeling great. I've tried it throughout my life and it does help a little, I must admit.

Another random bit of fashion advice...
There used to be an ad on television years ago. (in the 80's) It was for Navy perfume "Because you always feel good in Navy." Of course the super-model spokeswoman was dressed to the nines in navy. And she looked good, I'm assuming she felt good too. This, too, I have found to be true. You do feel better in Navy!

And now, I'll leave you with whatever punchline you have in response...something concerning sailors, I am sure. (:-D

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