13 May 2008

Drunk Dialing

The Mad Genius has a new favorite song…for the minute…It’s called “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drunk Dial” (James Otto, newest Country hottie www.jamesotto.com )

I have never drunk dialed but can think, now fondly – not so much fondly at the time - of one episode of drunk dialing that I have experienced first hand.

After I was married the first time…usually defined as “That time when I lost my mind”…
I had a friend with benefits whom shall remain nameless as I’m embarrassed to admit it now. He knows who he is. (;-D

Well, I had moved on from that “relationship” and was seriously dating someone else. I was also living with my sister and her boyfriend at the time.

2:30 AM, the telephone rings. As I am sleeping, I don’t hear it until my soon-to-be-but-not-for-long brother in law grouchily brings me the telephone.

I answer only to hear my name being sing-songed in a rather slurred fashion. Oh good, my favorite: drunk people. Now let me preface this that this friend is also my one friend that is That Guy. The “You’re my Best Friend” guy when he’s had too much to drink.

It was a booty call. Back in the 1990, it wasn’t called that but now it is SO defined as a booty call. He wants to come over. The conversation was essentially a loop of:

“I’m coming over. I want to see you.” (and all that it implies..)

“But you’ve been drinking”

“Fine, then you come over, I want to see you…”

“No, it’s 2:30 in the morning”

“But I’m up and I want to see you. You’re up.”

“Yes, because you WOKE me up. I’m not coming over”

“I want to see you. I want to…(edited for adult content..although on a PG rating)”

After about five minutes of explaining that it wasn’t going to happen, I finally hear “Fine. I will Save Your Virtue. I will Not Come Over! Your virtue is safe with me!”

How it went from a booty call to a noble thing, I am still not sure. But my virtue was safe.

It still makes me laugh. The friends with benefits thing. The “Saving My Virtue”.

I bet if I called him right now, he would laugh albeit a little embarrassed.

“You’re Gonna Miss This…”

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