11 May 2008

It's Time

I am not sure if it’s because I’m staring at 40 or if it’s because I now work for a social service which is more political minded or if it’s just the glow of my hopeless crush on Andrew Sullivan. I’ve become addicted to the political scene.

Perhaps it’s because information is so readily available now. This election has had to be conducted like no other election in the past. These candidates must also now campaign on the internet. The wonders of YouTube, information just a click away. Unedited clips at the ready. A person can actual listen to what’s being said in more than a soundbite.

Perhaps it's that The Daily Show, The Colbert Report and Saturday Night Live, while mocking the process, also educates us at the same time.

Perhaps it’s that this election is reading like a script from David Chase. Well, maybe not David Chase. I imagine even he is scratching his head in astonishment at this point.

Never in history have we had such a diverse choice in presidents. For once in this ever changing world, we are not forced to choose from the group of boring, old, rich, Christian, white men. Can I get a hallelujah? (irony intended)

It’s the campaign that refuse to die. Scandals! Leaked memos! Crazy former Pastors! Crazy religions! Spouses with extra-curricular activities! Every day I check in with my boyfriend Andrew and Huffington Post to see what wonders have transpired overnight. And I am rarely disappointed.

It is now with baited breath that I am waiting for June. June is when they say HRC will finally throw in the towel. June is when the campaign will really get interesting. It’s just beginning. I can hardly wait.

It’s time. It’s time for change. Let’s not elect the boring, old, rich, Christian, white man. Let’s throw caution to the wind: let’s elect someone that is not part of The Machine. Let’s elect someone that doesn’t owe people favors and/or money. Let’s elect someone who is willing to try something new and not just go with the flow of “how it’s always been done.”

It’s become tired but it’s true: It’s time for a change.

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