06 December 2012

And Now A Word from Our Sponsors

A few years ago when Kevin was considering racing the car in Las Vegas, Kevin's dad jumped at the opportunity to tow the racecar there.  As a lifelong truck driver, retirement was a little boring so he jumped at the chance to travel. The fact that he was taking his son to the big show and watch him compete was a father's dream.

This was a relief to us because we were struggling with taking two weeks off and the daunting task of driving all that way.

We had decals on the car trailer that stated the "team" name, car, and driver name a while before this adventure.  I remember ordering them and marveling that we had become one of the big boys that we never thought we could be back-in-the-day.

With the decision to race in Las Vegas we also added the parents name under the "Sponsored by..." before they left for Vegas.  It literally, actually made them cry. Kevin's mom said that his dad would always smile when he saw the trailer and that he had bragged to his siblings about it.

This year for Christmas we're giving them a decal for their van that reads "Official Sponsor of ....Racing"  I can hardly wait for them to see it.  We can't decide if we want to wrap it up or just "install" it on the van. 

This is a circuitous route but stay with me...

We are a cash-only couple.  We don't have credit cards or car loans.  This is a personal choice and also the result of past poor choices.  All in all, this is a really good thing.  But racing is expensive. Crazy expensive to some (most).  However, we don't have children and this is what we do. 

If we know something is coming up, we have to save and plan and when things break as they do in racing, it takes some serious planning.  It also takes prioritizing. For instance, Kevin works an extra day, sells an extra something, or does a side job.  We just make it happen.  Other racers have been known to take second mortgages to fund their hobby. This is insanely stupid to me.  Most have dedicated credit cards for it.  You often hear "I have to pay the card off before I can..." Slightly more responsible but still at risk for making stupid choices.

Kevin decided earlier year that he wanted to step up his program. This means a bigger engine which is a large expense.  So he parked the racecar early this season and began to sell parts.  He had a solid plan and a timeline of what needed to happen and when.

One evening Kevin's dad called and asked him to come over and that he needed to talk to him.  It was kind of late in the evening and Kevin's dad never makes these requests so we immediately worried.

About an hour later, Kevin returned.  It turns out that his parents had been saving up and wanted to give Kevin some money toward the engine upgrade.  Kevin is fiercely independent and fought against this.

But he has no defense against teary, sentimental parents:  "We are your SPONSORS. It says so on the trailer.  We haven't done a good job lately and we need and want to do this."

How the hell do you argue with THAT?  Who knew that with such a simple decal would bring on such responsibility?

Not a great picture  but gives you an example.This is me following Kevin, just outside of Mission, BC.

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JenLars said...

Aww, I teared up reading this. What great sponsors.