01 December 2012

Live Blogging Saturday

6:00 am...blearily send Kevin off to work
6:03 am...go back to bed. FTLOG
9:36 am...wake up because the television is playing Ghost Rider 2 and OMG

9:30 am...Coffee and chocolate donut holes (a.k.a. "the will to live") while watching news-lite: Good Morning America Saturday

10:30 am...begin feeling guilty that I am unshowered, with chickenhead, still in pajamas.

Sidebar: the house is a disaster, by my standards and probably most at this point:

Decorated Christmas tree with the open box still nearby. 
A schizophrenic mix of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations throughout the living room & kitchen. 
House hasn't been properly cleaned since before we left on our trip. 

10:35 am...Shower. (also: "the will to live")

10:45 am...Cutting my bangs, because this is a *GREAT IDEA* when tired and overwhelmed.

11:00 am...Can't decide where to start so, you know, blogging.

11:15 am...Kevin calls to check in.  I confess that I don't know where to begin (he responds: "With all the Christmas sh*t, you mean?"  He is So Santa's elf)  But leave out all of the above.  Because husbands that work six days a week, ten hours a day are not sympathetic with the plights of a lazy housewife. lol.

11:30 am...going with  Swistle's Drop in the Bucket theory this morning.  Laundry started.  Dishes in dishwasher (but can't start it because the refrigerator needs emptying and the garbage out so stalled.)  Bed stripped.

11:35 am...Trimmed bangs are okay, so far.

11:36 am...You know what's a good idea?  trying to solve a pillow problem on our bed, which includes dissassembling a headboard.

12:12 pm...Kevin calls to say the truck is ready. (Oh yes, the clutch went out. The day AFTER the television adventure. Did I forget to mention that because YEAH.)  This means two things: riding with my father-in-law, who *GOD BLESS HIM* is a Whistler and going to my former husbands neighborhood and PAST his house.  This is not anxiety making. at. all.

12:15 pm...bed reassembled. We won't know the success level until tomorrow morning.  Laundry progressing nicely.  Know what's not-awesome about safety gear?  It's light colored.  Excavation work is not known to be delicate and clean.  Thus equaling stock in Spray & Wash with Resolve.

12:18 pm...lunch.  Oh, I forgot to give the dog breakfast. Well done me. If I give her a treat, she won't tell Kevin. Maybe. She promises nothing.

1:29 pm...bathrooms done except the floors. Laundry still progressing.  Yukky garbage out, I am grateful that is usually Kevin's chore.  I even made the time to fold up all my summer wear and store them in our suitcase.
So, essentially, I'm halfway done.

1:31 pm...remember when we were in Vegas?

1:42 pm...Oh the facebook. Such a good time waster.

1:56 pm...Strange milestone: stood on a tall stool to water and trim plants for the first time in almost eight months. Yea me!

1:58 pm...Halloween & Thanksgiving decorations in the office AND the calendar page turned.  Now it's really getting crazy up in here.

2:03 pm...Speaking of crazy. I'm pretty certain I turned off the bedroom television when I left the room and now it's on.  Yes, you're very funny, Dad.  Now knock it off.

2:32 pm...Tree officially finished. I'm not sure what "officially finished" means but there you go.  Extra decorations are going to the kids.  I really need to stop buying ornaments. Really.

2:35 pm...Game is upped.  I have to leave with the in-laws in twenty minutes.  What can I do in that time?  Let's just see!!!

Ate yogurt, drank water, and changed clothes
Dusted and polished in the living room and dining room table.
Resented having to leave the house.

4:45 Back again. 

4:50 pm...vacuuming.  It feels like I'm not never vacuuming.  I am just as resentful as the dog at this point.

5:05 pm...mopping.  The whole house smells like PineSol. Not exactly the Christmasy scent but at least it has "pine" in the title.

5:30 pm...Kevin went next door.  I've avoided it all I can: time to put the office back together after Monica's Closet vomited Christmas decorations all over it.  Plus the addition of the gigantic television box and uncomfortable recliner.

5:31 pm...Dog is displeased that I am in her room and touching her stuff.

5:45 pm...Cannot find my childhood Santa lamp.  Cannot find it.  Defcon 10 has been reached.  Oh, look up, it's stored on a shelf above my head.  All is calm again. Santa has been found. I repeat: Santa has been found.

6:00 pm...Dinner is ready next door. 

7:15 pm...Back again.  Untangled Christmas lights on kitchen floor.  Bop dog in the nose with the plug-in.  Again: she is displeased.  My punishment shall be her lying in the way of everything.

7:35 pm...Lights are up on the back door and deck.  Once again, stood on something to reach.  I am enjoying this new skill!

7:56 pm...I think I'm done.  Everything is done except one last load of laundry.  It can't be started until I'm done with my bath.  That's right: bath.  I've so earned a soak in my huge tub.

Sidebar: the last time I used the tub was shortly after I got out my cast.  I got in with very little confidence of getting back out.  Kevin was in Canada at the time.  I am not the smartest girl.  I did, however, come to the conclusion that I should wait awhile before trying again.  Almost six months later seems like a reasonable amount of time.

8:15 pm...Distracted by the last set of Christmas lights.  I detangled all of them, just to discover that the last third were out.  I guess Kevin has a(nother) project tomorrow.

8:20 pm...Daunted by the thought of waiting to draw a bath and opt for a long shower instead.

8:40 pm...Start the last load of laundry.  It is never ending. 

8:44 pm...Finishing this off so I can go sit down.  The house is clean and frocked.  The truck has returned home.  I didn't have to cook.  Now I'm going to watch something on our big theatre of a television.

And to all a Good Night.

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Swistle said...

I love "the will to live"!

I also love the 11:35 bangs status report.

And "who *GOD BLESS HIM* is a Whistler"---ha ha ha!