30 November 2012

This Post is Irrelevant

It's that time of year!  Time for our annual trip to Vegas. Also: time to obsess about packing.

Once again, I am building a mental packing list in my head.  We are staying an extra day this year so that's fun. And requires an extra set of clothing.  As a chronic overpacker, this is a bit of a challenge.  There is a weight limit and I usually get awfully close to it.

Overpacking was a great thing when we got stuck overnight in Portland two years ago so I am sticking to my overpacking ways. Also, it's not like I have a train-like series of suitcases, I only bring one large one and no carry-on.

This what I've decided thus far:
I am only bringing one extra pair of shoes because as we've talked about before, I only can wear certain shoes.  That makes that part easier, I guess.

I think I might pack my Dockers instead of jeans, that will help.  But they wrinkle so badly in suitcases and i hate that. (and ironing)

I usually don't take a bathing suit or track pants but I need to try to do my physical therapy while I'm there so I need to add them. (did you just laugh at me? Okay. Fair enough.)

The most challenging part is the toiletries.  We're there a week so travel size isn't quite enough but it's too much to pack full sizes.  I have some larger containers I found last year and I'm going to get creative with some tupperware containers and ziplock bags.  I am TSA's dream.

I've considered just buying what we need when we get there but then I have to bring it back anyway.  Plus, Kevin will buy t-shirts, I will buy another Vegas sweatshirt, and who knows what else. Our bags are always heavier when we return home.  I think it's the dirty laundry. Dirty clothes are heavier. Fact.

Somewhere I saved a helpful packing list from Real Simple, I need to go find that again. Not that it will purge the obsession, that's just silly talk right there.

*Jeopardy Music*

Guess who forgot to click "Publish"  *THIS GIRL!*

I was on a quest for a purple, zip up Vegas hoodie but alas, it was not to be found. Instead I compromised with a white & pink striped hoodie that Kevin loves.  Again, it's kind of Ed Hardy style so there's that.

And I bought it to prompt the elusive purple hoodie to show itself. Not so much.

I packed my p/t clothes and you guessed it: totally didn't use them.  I did use the giant jetted tub in our room so I get a half-point there.

While we were there, we ran out of Listerine and hair spray.  Not crisis situations but will be noted for future reference.

We did have our checked-in luggage searched.  Both ways.  Thankfully, they were gentle.  I believe it is the black Clinique bag that triggered the search.  (for those of you who have those...don't use them, TSA does not enjoy.)

I was momentarily glad to be overpacked as the airplane had to make two loops around before landing here at home.  I just knew we were flying back South for the winter.  I don't think I would have minded though.

See, sometimes good things can come from being like I am.  Sometimes.

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