15 November 2012

Adventures Thus Far

My brother in law chose to wear a construction green, reflective, work coat to Vegas. So you can imagine the massive amounts of teasing that he has received since making such a poor choice.

Total strangers have commented on it but I believe the best one of all was at the airport in Vegas when the gentleman from the shuttle bus asked if he was parking enforcement.

We visited Pawn Stars again. It is cool to see items that you saw on the television show.  There is a guard/bouncer at the front door. He had an ornate walking stick and I asked him if it was a whacking stick or a walking stick.

He told me a story about a nun in his school that gave it to him after he threatened to take it from her after she threatened to hit him. He said it keeps him humble. Funny how a simple question can turn into an interesting story.

Then we went to the Mob Experience  at the Flamingo Hotel. This rates an individual post.

Because it's Vegas, after that we came back to the hotel, had dinner then went up into the tower to watch all the crazy people on the rides and jumping off the building. Something I feel confident in saying I will never never never do.

Our friend Mikey  did not convince me this time to lay on the floor and look over the edge. That was a one time mistake that makes for a good story.
( Imagine being 855 feet in the air, laying on the floor and looking over the edge straight down. Enough said)

Today my sister in law and I returned to the CSI experiment to solve a murder. This case was more difficult than last years but it's still one of the most fun things we have done here.

Then we went to the Paris Casino which is absolutely gorgeous. we went up the Eiffel Tower replica at 800 something feet in the air, with a glass elevator that looks out over the strip. This was another example of how I shouldn't be in charge of my own life. I don't usually mind Heights but this was definitely a test of my courage.

After stopping at a souvenir shop we returned to the hotel where I took a nap, watched daytime television, and ate ice cream.

Ahhhh...Vacation adventures.

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Daydream Believer said...

I want to see that coat! I love Vegas!