08 November 2012

Knock It Off, Dad

So the dog has been doing that wake up out of a sleep and come to attention thing lately.  Or the staring intently at a wall/door/window/space.  I don't mind admitting that it freaks me the eff out.  She did it last night right before we went to bed. Thanks for the nightmares, dog.

On Halloween I watched a 20/20 episode about the paranormal.  I am a half-believer in all of this stuff, one reason is that it's just fun to think about.  Add to that my recent obsession with the Ghost Whisperer and Long Island Medium and hello, overactive imagination!

One segment on 20/20 featured the Ghost Hunters, which I've never seen.  Having grown up in the 80's, my immediate perception of ghost hunters are the Ghost Busters.  But these guys are serious.  The segment had a very Blair Witch/Paranormal Activity feel to it.  I don't think I could watch this show.

One of the guys uses his dog as a spotter. On camera, the dog did what Missy does: stare intently at a wall on high alert.  They showed on the video replay that a voice can be heard that seems to say "The dog can see me."


Even Kevin was all "That's just Effed Up."  Then looked suspiciously at Missy.

And then our television shut off the other night.  No reason.  Hasn't done it since.  Just shut off.

Kevin just looked at me and wistfully said "Remember when your dad didn't live with us?"

Because my dad would totally eff with us like that.

PS...while I was writing this, I realized that I had a few past posts that were along this topic.  I looked them up and thought it would be fun to re-post them via links.  Enjoy!


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