24 September 2009

It's a Ghost, Scooby Doo

My mom called last night. She was just checking in and seems to be doing okay. Other than she teared up while telling me how well she was going.

Then she said that she had something to tell me that she'd only told her BFF. I held my breath, because really, who knows at this point?

She began her story and then stopped. She said "If I'm lying, I'm dying."
I busted out laughing at that. She's 74 years old.

Mom was sitting in her chair, where she normally sits to watch television or read. While where she sits remains the same, she moved where my dad's chair was...oh, the next morning....

I know, right?

She said she'd been reading a while when something caught her eye.

A flash of light was hovering over my dad's chair. Then it went to the end of the couch where she was sitting then finally lighted over where my dad's chair used to be. Then it disappeared completely.

Mom said she wasn't scared at all, her heart didn't race or anything. She is sure that it was my dad. She said that it was just like you see on the "Ghost Hunters" show.

I agree, I think it was Dad and in his Dad-like way, he was making it known that he's not happy she moved his frigging chair!


Bethany said...

Aw, that's a cool story!

Not Your Aunt B said...

MOVE THE CHAIR BACK! Especially before he starts rattling chains or howling or something!