07 November 2012

I'm Not A Streetwalker

I don't carry a purse.  I really dislike them.  I don't like having things hanging off of me and I worry that I will leave it behind because I have no attention span.  I want to be able to put my id, money and lip balm in my pocket and be done.

When I have to carry something, I have two bags that I use.  One is a miniature backpack that I had Kevin cut off the straps.   The other looks like a little doctor's bag.

What do I keep in it?  My ID, a brush because I have baby hair, fingernail clippers, lip balm and Tylenol.  So it's not like I need a huge bag.

The newest idea I had was using a small makeup bag to store my ID, etc. It's perfectly sized and it's brightly colored so I don't worry about losing it.  I can slide it in my pocket and I'm good to go.

When I've traveled I hated having carrying a purse.  It's a necessary evil because you want to have stuff with you in the airport, plane, etc.  I use my Dooney & Burke satchel for that. 

But once I'm where am I am going, I'm over it.

Then our friend said that the best way to figure out who are hookers in Vegas are the women that don't carry purses.  Yikes.  That's awkward.

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