20 May 2014

I Can't Choose Soda

So, my next post will explain where in the world of Carmen San Diego I have been.  Let me tell you that everything is okay but my work. OHMYGAH my work.

This scenario sums up everything perfectly:

Kevin worked up here today so we met for lunch. We went to the ever so glamorous Taco Time (which I realize might mean nothing to some of you. Think, um, Chipotle)

I arrived first (I know! That never happens!) so I ordered our lunches.  Then I stood at the soda machine and waited for some high school aged girls to fill their sodas.  Standing there, I was annoyed. Not at the high school girls, although really one of them was dressed like a stripper and the other was dressed like Avril Lavigne so it made me wonder if I missed Halloween.

Finally, they finished and walked away.  I found myself just staring at the soda machine.  It is one of those machines with a touch-screen and approximately eleventy hundred options.  My brain was so full and busy that I just chose what remained on the screen after the last girl chose her drink.

I can't even choose my own doggone soda, my brain is so full.

Kevin looked at my drink a while later and asked "What in the Sam Hell is that?" (isn't he cute?)

"I know. I know. It's sad and pathetic actually."  

"What are you talking about?"

"I couldn't even consider what kind of soda I wanted so I just chose what the girl ahead of me chose."

"That *is* sad and pathetic."

My current life, as defined by a soda choice.

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